Heterodyne Broadband Detection of Axion Dark Matter

We propose a new broadband search strategy for ultralight axion dark matter covering fifteen orders of magnitude in mass, including astrophysically long-ranged fuzzy dark matter.

Axion Dark Matter Detection by Superconducting Resonant Frequency Conversion

We propose an approach to search for axion dark matter with a superconducting radio frequency cavity, using axion-induced transitions between nearly degenerate resonant modes of frequency $\sim \text{GHz}$.

Casimir Meets Poisson: Improved Quark/Gluon Discrimination with Counting Observables

We introduce new IRC-safe counting observables whose discrimination performance exceeds that of jet mass and approaches that of track multiplicity.

Generalized Fragmentation Functions for Fractal Jet Observables

We introduce a broad class of fractal jet observables that recursively probe the collective properties of hadrons produced in jet fragmentation.

Minimum Energetic Cost to Maintain a Target Nonequilibrium State

We use the stochastic thermodynamics of Markov jump processes to compute the minimum rate at which energy must be supplied and dissipated to maintain an arbitrary nonequilibrium distribution in a given energy landscape.